As Twitchy readers know, earlier this morning Karen Monahan’s son wrote a Facebook post claiming Keith Ellison had abused his mother while they were in a relationship. Fellow Democrat and Minnesotan running against Ellison in the AG primary, Debra Hilstrom, shared the viral Facebook post and demanded that Ellison address the allegations.

The Ellison camp responded:

Sounds like they have denied any and all allegations of domestic violence.

From CBS:

Earlier on Sunday, Ellison’s rivals in the race for attorney general demanded that he respond to the allegations.

Both DFL-endorsed candidate Matt Pelikan and former Minnesota House Speaker Debra Hilstrom called the allegations troubling.

Another candidate in the race, former Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley, said the allegations were serious.

“If there are records and video of his interaction with the victim, those materials also should be turned over to law enforcement for immediate investigation,” he said.

Currently, Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th District in Congress, but he’s giving up his seat to run for Minnesota attorney general.

The primary election in that race is slated for Tuesday.

Alrighty then.

But we thought we were supposed to believe women?

Media scrutiny.


We suppose if they truly do have a video this could get interesting.

In the meantime it sounds like the ‘he said/ she said’ game continues.


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