Democrats and their fancy slogans.

Hope and Change.

Stronger Together.

Our favorite though has to be, ‘For the people.’

Because you know, that’s super original. *snort*

Luckily, Republicans are the giving sort and seeing the issues Democrats are having coming up with a slogan that actually works (and that doesn’t already belong to a law firm) came up with some suggestions for our friends on the Left on #NewDemocraticSlogans. Here are some of the best:

Hey, at least they stopped calling everyone racists.

Right? Hrm.

Yes! Honesty, finally.

Ain’t that the truth?

How can anyone vote for these people?!

Awww, we love the visual aid with this one.


Why wasn’t she 50 points ahead?! HA HA HA HA.

Yay! More visual aids!


Ugh, this is the scariest gif, maybe ever.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this editor’s tweet but c’mon … how is this not trending, Twitter?!

Wait, it’s the Dems.

We know why, never mind.


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