The Onion is an equal-opportunity slammer, which is incredibly refreshing in a world where most media only attacks and pokes fun at one side of the political coin. For years, Second Amendment advocates have been asking the Left why they don’t care more about Chicago and the number of gun injuries and deaths in that city. They spend a lot of time telling legal gun owners how they are the problem when it comes to gun violence while ignoring this very real issue in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

Bless them for this:


From The Onion:

“If we don’t do something soon to keep guns off the streets of those particular neighborhoods that I consider worthwhile, things could really spiral out of control. Enough is enough when it comes to the parts of this city that I choose to serve.” At press time, Emanuel was breathing a sigh of relief after learning that six Chicagoans killed overnight were shot dead in neighborhoods he couldn’t care less about.


And ouch.

And they’re nailing it.



We made this exact same face … and then we laughed for a good five minutes.

Do it.



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