The Left and the media are just silly.

The MOMENT Trump made his SCOTUS pick these sad creatures had their talking points already crafted about how EVIL his pick was, some even going so far as to call Kavanaugh a ‘she’ in their releases because they thought it would be Barrett. In all honesty, Trump could have nominated Garland and these same people would find some way to oppose him because it’s not about the nominee him or herself, it’s about Trump.

And c’mon, the scandals the media has been trying to cook up about Kavanaugh? He used a credit card to buy tickets to a game? THAT MONSTER.


So silly in fact that the #BrettKavanaughScandals hashtag took off on Twitter, and here are some of the most scandalous:

THIS is a bridge too far.

You’d think Democrats would like Kavanaugh more if he has debt.

Man, now we can’t even support the guy.



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