The nerve of this BROAD.

Linda Sarsour is the LAST woman who should claim others are hypocrites with an agenda. Seriously, someone please hand her a mirror, STAT.

Her tweet is offensive on so many levels. First and foremost being that she believes she is the keeper of women’s rights in this country, and sorry but we call BS on that all day. If she really knew what women’s rights were she’d understand that they are the same as men’s rights.

We know, we know, she wants to play the ‘OMG THE GOP WILL END ABORTION’ card … and while we wish that was the case, we don’t see Kavanaugh actually doing that anytime soon. Now, we could be wrong and the SCOTUS may overturn Roe, which really only means it goes back to the states to decide but Linda is a hypocrite with an agenda who doesn’t really care about reality.

And speaking of reality:


This. ^

The struggle is REAL.

What she said.

Something like that.



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