Can you imagine the fit the Left would throw if Obama had nominated a Muslim for the SCOTUS and some ‘analyst’ on Fox News said he or she was ‘very Muslim’? They’d be screeching about bigot this and Islamaphobia that …

But since Amy Barrett is a possible Trump SCOTUS nominee that apparently makes her faith an ok thing to go after.

Oh, and if said analyst butchered Obama’s nominee’s name this badly we’d never hear the end of it.

Zerlina couldn’t even be bothered to get Amy’s name right but suddenly she’s an expert on Catholicism? And sorry but WTF is ‘very Catholic’? Can you be a so-so Catholic? Half-Catholic? 2/3 Catholic? Not-so-much Catholic?

From the Free Beacon:

Maxwell said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that Barrett is “very Catholic” and cited former Democratic Sen. Al Franken’s accusations against Barrett during a hearing last year. Franken declared ADF a “hate group” and asked why Barrett had ties to the group, accusing them of “call[ing] for the sterilization of transgender people abroad.”

Franken was repeating the Southern Poverty Law Center’s charge that the ADF supports “sterilization,” when the group had pointed out that those who chose to undergo sex change operations can have their legal sex changed. ADF did not say this is the only instance in which someone’s legal sex could be changed, despite SPLC’s claim.

Nevertheless, Maxwell called ADF a “hate group,” citing Franken’s words as her only evidence.

Being pro-life turns a group into a ‘hate group.’ Holy Hell, who are these people? Seriously.

Not to mention SPLC has started getting sued for these allegations …

But we digress.

Don’t give them any ideas.

Oh yeah? Watch out for VERY VERY VERY Catholic.

Would one of these others be more acceptable to Zerlina?



Or Nancy is what some would call a ‘convenient Catholic.’

Same diff.


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