Sean Spicier keeps us laughing, which is so very important with how angry and divisive this country is right now politically. Granted, we doubt the Left finds him quite as amusing as WE do since most of what we find funny is at their expense but still.

His timeline never disappoints, especially when he’s tweeting about open borders, walls, Obamacare, Hillary, and guns …

We’d pay good money to see Sean up on the wall. Ha!

Always nice to laugh at people who can’t tell the difference between a real account and a parody.

You know this guy is a blast at birthday parties.

Oh, the irony of this person making fun of a parody by saying they have a parody but they don’t because they are the parody?

Wait, we were promised there would be no math.

So deep.

So meaningful.

So silly.

Union dues are very different from paying taxes and/or our bills, but hey, if ‘Dave’ thinks of dues in the same light he’s more than welcome to pay for our share.


And nope, not this guy. Or gal.


It’s not racist when the Left does it, silly.


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