Seth MacFarlane is one funny dude.


The scenes from Family Guy when Peter can’t stop falling down the stairs? OMG, hilarious. No matter how many times this editor watches that clip on YouTube she laughs like a moron … like ugly cry laughing? It’s not pretty.

He’s funny.

But when it comes to being political, well, he’s funny too but not in the same way.

A hard lesson in voting? Huh? Gorsuch is a Constitutionalist and it sounds like Trump may be appointing a woman.

If anything this is a lesson in voting for policy over the person because while this editor and many others on the Right may not like who Trump is, some of the policies and appointments have totally kicked arse.

Besides, maybe Seth missed it but Obama got two picks as well:


Hey, we laughed at that movie.

Then again, this editor laughs easy.

Ain’t that the truth?!


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