As Twitchy readers know, co-founder of Vox, Joshua Topolsky, wrote then deleted a fairly anti-Semitic and nasty tweet about Ben Shapiro. Caleb Hull went the extra mile to really call Joshua OUT, and you won’t believe the reason he deleted the tweet and his explanation of what he originally meant by it.

Funny how that stinkin’ Internet works.

Awww, so now Joshua is the victim because his tweet ticked off a bunch of Conservatives. Poor Joshua.

*eye roll*

Who ARE these people?!

A metaphor?

For real?


Awww, Caleb is such a helper!

Oh, that’s it. We’re all just too stupid to understand that Joshua wasn’t being anti-Semitic, he was making a METAPHOR.


You think he’s getting it yet?

Oh boy, this could take a while.

What a baby. Seriously.


This was EPIC.

So well-played by Caleb, and so much fail for Joshua.

Josh. Can we call you Josh? Awesome. Josh. Just apologize for the nasty tweet. Admit you let your emotions get away with you and made a mistake. Then pour yourself a nice, refreshing glass of shut-up juice.

Trust us on this one.


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