CNN’s Kaitlan Collins thought for some reason the aftermath of the Capital Gazette shooting was the right time to demand people stop using the term, ‘fake news’. Even though it appears the motive had nothing to do with that phrase or Trump (no matter how hard some in the media tried to spin it), she thought this made sense.

Guess how well it went over, especially coming from someone at CNN.

We don’t want to hear stories about Ron Perlman urinating on his hand ever again.

Is that too much to ask?



Both sides need to be better but demanding people stop using a phrase they like to use when they’re already looking for a reason to drag you was probably not the best course of action.


What he said.

Seems simple enough.

She totally set herself up for this one.

Do we have a problem in this country when it comes to a relationship between the media and the people? Yes. Is it to blame for what a monster did in Annapolis, MD? No.

It’s fair for the media to be frustrated with being called ‘fake news’ and at the same time it’s fair that people call them ‘fake news’. We have a lot of work to do to fix this divide that seems even more prevalent than the political one, which says SO MUCH.


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