Even after details came out about the Capital Gazette gunman in Annapolis, MD, Thursday evening, that it was reportedly a personal grudge against the paper dating back years, many in the media were doing their best to stretch and somehow still blame Trump for his actions.

You know if you’re looking for any mention of Trump on an account that has not been verified as the gunman’s that you’ve gone overboard in your quest to link Trump to the tragedy. Like what ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum did …

He tweeted this in 2015.

And considering the story around Ramos at this point is that he had sued the paper for defamation (and lost) is it all that surprising that the account (which may or may not have been his) would tweet a story about a famous person filing a similar lawsuit?

This was no, ‘GOTCHA,’ Judd, sorry.

Sounds about right.

Crazy ain’t it?


Silly, credibility is a social construct that evil white men use to oppress the little people or something.

Because that’s what his readers want.

Just an FYI, the account that supposedly belongs to Ramos has been suspended.

But ‘A’ for effort.


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BREAKING: Shooting in Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland; multiple fatalities reported; Update: Shooter reportedly in custody; Update: Fatalities confirmed