Jacob Bernstein of the New York Times had a pretty awesome suggestion for what people in social media could do to support the Capital Gazette after the tragic shooting at the paper on Thursday afternoon.

Actually, DO SOMETHING. Help keep a print paper in business.

We dig this, so much.

So, of course, he received pushback on it.

Jacob nailed it.

Maggie Haberman, also of the New York Times, should have stopped RIGHT before the word ‘but’ in her reply to this thread:

But Trump is the only president in memory to call the press, ‘the enemy of the people’

Well, that’s productive.

Or is it?

What he said.

What he said, again.

He’s not wrong.


Because when Obama did those things it was for the good of the people or something.

Weird is an interesting word for it.

Disingenuous is better.

Makes sense to us.


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