If we had a nickel for every time Shannon Watts made a total and complete FOOL of herself trying to slam the NRA the Democrats would be front and center to tax the snot out of us for having THAT much money.

This woman.

You have to wonder how hard Amber Niblock, the person who actually RUNS the NRA social media Twitter account, laughed when Shannon claimed it was an evil man running it. We can only hope Shannon saw the tweet since it came from the NRA account because she seems to have every other account on Twitter blocked.

This is epic.


Wait, is that inappropriate? We don’t want Shannon accusing us of using ‘gun language’ to intimidate her or something.

Then again, we’re pretty sure she has us blocked too so probably not an issue either way.

And not only does Amber run the account NOW, but she has for TEN YEARS. Interesting how Shannon tried to assign gender to tweets and by interesting we mean pathetic, desperate, and not at all surprising.

This is truly the epitome of girl power.

We dig it.

And thank God for Shannon Watts and job security.



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