We can’t with this woman. Seriously.

Alyssa Milano’s thread on families being separated reads like something from a movie … which of course means it’s a load of made-up, melodramatic nonsense.

Oh boy, this oughta NOT be good …


Ooh, she cited some laws.

They’re still laws, Alyssa.

AKA still illegal.



Yes, it’s all a PLOT!

That’s why Obama was bragging about using this law as a means of deterring families in 2015.


Because they are breaking the law?

You know, it’s like we need to bring out the puppets and crayons.

Guessing she missed the story about how the Obama administration handed migrant children to traffickers …

She thinks she’s making a point here.

LET US REPEAT: No. Alyssa is wrong. So wrong. Like so wrong she was almost right for a minute but went back around to wrong.

She babbled for a few more tweets on this thread but yeah, we can’t.


Ha! Yeah, us too.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying over and over again.

It’s adorable in a sad and annoying way.


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