Hard to imagine why anyone would have fired Dr. Eugene Gu for the way he behaves on Twitter, right? Clearly his tweets are thoughtful, informed, and only an attempt at furthering a discussion with people who he may disagree with politically.


This guy … take a look at this noise.

Ok, so not one of Trump’s best tweets but we get what he’s trying to say and he’s not exactly wrong. That being said, we’re not entirely sure it deserved this response from the Resistance Doc:

See? Poetic.

Good luck with that, doc.

Maybe the Resistance is hiring.

Sensing a theme.

Yup, definitely a theme.

Gu and others like him don’t really care about these kids, they only really care about dunking on Trump and making the GOP look like evil racists who are stealing babies and separating families to hurt them.

It’s beyond stupid.

But it’s all they have left at this point.

The Left isn’t exactly known for being overly concerned about the well-being of kids unless they benefit their narrative.

And this is just more proof of that.


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