Nice try, Kirsten.

But no.

So much no.

Democrats have got to stop comparing women who wait tables to men who are doctors in order to perpetuate this wage gap LIE. When women have the same experience, education and can work the same hours and at the same LEVEL as a man, their pay is equal.

This is not difficult.

But when you think of how REKT the Democrat’s agenda is for the midterms this and taking our guns is about all they have. It’s really hard to write positive campaign slogans about raising taxes on 80% OF ALL AMERICANS.

If women were truly being paid less there would be millions of men losing jobs left and right – why would any corporation go OUT of their way to pay more just because the employee is a guy?

Makes ZERO sense.

‘We’re sexist SO we want to pay MORE money to this employee because MWAHAAHAHAHA, take that women!’

Right. *eye roll*


Yes. Yes they are.

And desperate idiots at that.


Talk about a sad #BluePuddle.


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