Ever notice when the Left wants to discredit something they pretend that anyone who supports it or believes it is crazy or in some cult? And this is especially funny coming from an Obama Bro like Jon Favreau who himself is still in a cult of his own liking.

But hey, whatever makes Jon feel better.

Yes, IT’S A CULT. And it’s all a PLOT from the Russians to destroy Obama’s legacy and then hand the country over to secret mime-ninjas working with psycho lab monkeys who want to sell us cheap vodka at exorbitant prices.

No? Hey, we tried.

And really, TFG.

Seems Dan Bongino agrees with us …


And Tommy Vietor.

And John Brennan.


And you should see Ali’s tweet from 2013.

And they weren’t spies! They were investigators … informants or something.

Oh yeah, THOSE guys.

The Obama cult sounds more and more like a group we’d rather not hang around with.

In fact, give us Hugh Hewitt and Dan Bongino any day.


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