Look. Michael Ian Black wants to be just like Ivanka Trump.

Wonder if he made that connection in his little head with this gross take?

Don’t worry Michael, you are one.

Every day.

Lucky lil fella.


We told him.

There are plenty of ways to be fierce without sexually harassing a woman about her genitals and then suggesting she seduce her own father for changes to his immigration reform.

It’s like the Left only heard the c-word, they’re missing the bigger issue in that Samantha basically joked about incest and using a woman’s sexuality as her only means to make political change.

That’s hardly fierce.

Gosh, and guess what.

Michael hasn’t been suspended for using these words.

But plenty of Conservatives have lost their accounts for words like ‘pansy’ … not even joking.

That’s another story though.

Something like that.

Seeing a theme here, Michael.


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