Joy Reid seems like a sweetheart.

No really.


Oh, our sides. Sorry but THAT was funny.

From The Federalist:

In her now-defunct blog, MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid attacked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for being too nice to Jews. In a post dated July 16, 2006,Reid called Blitzer an ‘AIPAC flak’ after he didn’t ask Israeli officials questions to Reid’s liking on air.

Blitzer’s behavior is not only anti-journalistic, it’s irresponsible and transparantly (sic) ideological. If he wants to do an editorial program promoting the interests of a foreign government (Israel,) he should petition his bosses at the network to do just that. Otherwise, if he is purporting to do ‘news,’ he should stick to the news, and put aside his AIPAC flak jacket. (Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha didn’t fare much better with MSNBC’s resident twitterbug Norah ‘Giggles’ O’Donnell, who even managed to characterize the U.S. veto of a U.N. resultuion (sic) condemning Israel’s use of excessive force in Gaza as a repudiation of criticism of Israel by the Security Council…)

Shame on CNN for allowing this spectacle to go on.


No wonder she’s trying to blame magical time-traveling hackers for these things.

There’s a lot more.

In a post from The Reid Report dated December 5, 2005, Reid said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then-president of Iran, was really onto something when he suggested that the “Zionist regime” of Israel should just relocate to Europe.’

Double wowza.

So is racism and sexism …

Awww, to be a Leftist and get away with pretty much any and everything.

Hey man, they could travel through time so we wouldn’t put it past them.



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