We kinda sorta totally love this.

Everytown spends a lot of time b*tching and moaning on Twitter but their actual efforts to curb gun violence are pretty much limited to just that. And of course, demanding Congress pass a bunch of gun laws that are already on the books or calling for an assault weapon ban that failed when it was tried during the Clinton years.

You know, the Clinton who could actually win?

Guess how Shannon Watts reacted to the NRA’s color choice for their social media?


How hard do you think the NRA social team laughed when they saw this?

Well, that is if they were able to see it considering Shannon has 99.9% of Twitter blocked.

Hey Shannon, maybe if you keep screeching loud enough gun violence will go away.

Just kidding.

And another tweet.

  • Already the law
  • If someone has been convicted of domestic abuse they cannot legally own a firearm
  • Huh?
  • Sigh
  • What?
  • Now she’s reaching
  • And no

It’s seriously like the NRA going orange broke her a little.



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