TFW Dana Loesch dismantles Samantha Bee, progressivism, double standards, AND SJWs in one simple yet brutally honest tweet-storm …

This is great.

The Left could learn a thing or two from Dana on this point.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and we kinda sorta love this little aside where Dana tells a short story about who Samantha is because wow, she’s a total coward.

She’s only brave when she’s preaching to the choir.

Like most talking heads on the Left.

Awww yes, Chris had this to say about Roseanne’s base … wonder if he feels the same way about Samantha’s?

If that’s the case, then a significant chunk of the Left is sexist, hateful, and thinks it’s funny to make jokes about a daughter seducing her father.

So classy.


Even now, after Samantha Bee blamed America for her stupidity (and never really apologized for the grossest of her comments), like Dana, this editor doesn’t believe she should lose her show. But then again, Roseanne shouldn’t have lost her show either.

It is the double standard and the gross bias that is the most frustrating in this situation.

And it is why Trump will win again in 2020.


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