Liz Wheeler felt the same way a lot of people did after Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless c*nt’ for posting a photo of herself with her son. Ok, they had just canceled Roseanne’s show over he r insulting Valerie Jarrett so surely there would be consequences for Bee …

Narrator: There were no real consequences.

Oh, sure, State Farm and Auto Trader pulled their ads (for now), and Bee apologized, but TBS didn’t pull her show and in fact the very day this all came out they announced they would be giving her an award for advancing social change.

You can’t make this crap up.

And speaking of crap you can’t make up, some guy you’ve never heard of took it upon himself to speak for Hollywood when responding to Liz Wheeler.

Full transparency, we had to look Morgan Evans up because we had NO clue who he is or why Twitter thought he was important enough to deserve that blue checkmark. And honestly, even after looking him up all we found were three movies we’d never heard of starring a bunch of nobodies.

Interesting that Morgan thinks he can speak for the entire entertainment industry with those sad specs.

Awww, and he tried so hard.

Oh, it only got more embarrassing for the guy we’ve never heard of who thought being a troll on Twitter made him powerful.

Imagine how sad a person must be to feel powerful for dunking on people on Twitter.

Hey, we dunk on a lot of people (especially THIS editor) but trust us, there is no power in it. Perhaps some laughs but no real power.

Sad Morgan.

Dude, you JUST said you never felt more powerful … you know what, never mind.

They don’t get it.

They really don’t.

At this rate, Trump may be president forever.

Hey, that’s him!


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