Samantha Bee is a feckless c*nt.

That’s ok to say now, right?

Since we can blame America for it if she doesn’t like us saying that.

Because that’s EXACTLY what she did while accepting her award for ‘advancing social change’ …

Notice she makes no mention of how she told Ivanka to wear something sexy to convince her own father to change his immigration policy. No, she’s so dense she thinks this is really about her using the c-word.

She had the nerve to blame ‘the nation’ for her saying it in the first place, AND THEN she shamed us for not overlooking her comments so we could spend time talking about immigration policies and travesties … THAT TOOK PLACE UNDER OBAMA.

Sorry, but this editor calls SO MUCH BS on this speech.

Of course she wants to put the blame elsewhere, she’s a Liberal.


Bee had an excellent opportunity here, to talk about how she herself got so wrapped up in her Trump hatred that she called Ivanka a c*nt and suggested she seduce her own father for immigration reform. And that perhaps as a nation if we are so divided that we’re attacking one another over small things it’s time to step back and look at why we’re this angry.

But no, she sexually harassed Ivanka Trump.

All because she posted a photo of herself with her son.

No words.



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