The NRA triggered Alyssa … again.

As Twitchy reported earlier, the NRA’s social team has commandeered the color orange because they have done more for gun safety via training and education than the harpies at Moms Demand and Everytown have ever done.

It’s sad that people like Alyssa Milano think the best way to curb gun violence is to tweet and post selfies of themselves wearing pretty orange t-shirts.

Maybe if she bothered to actually speak to the NRA and its members instead of trying to lecture them on how to behave she’d learn a thing or two.

This is not about sabotage, Alyssa.

This is about the reality of gun safety and WHO actually teaches it.

And trust us, you posting pictures of yourself in orange won’t change a damn thing.

In one breath she is trying to reason with NRA members and in the next, she’s pushing for the end of their organization.


Let’s not pretend she actually cares about whether or not NRA members are good people.


But if she’s not instigating hate against the NRA what else is she going to do?


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