New York Times.

Never change.

From The New York Times (sorry!):

After the school shooting last Friday in Texas claimed 10 lives, the incoming president of the National Rifle Association, Oliver North, blamed not guns but a “culture of violence” arising from violent movies and the like.

North fueled that culture by working as a pitchman for a shoot-em-up video game, but never mind. Meanwhile, Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, was even more imaginative: He blamed too many school entrances and exits, and liberal abortion laws that he claimed had “devalued life.”

Really? Folks, look at Japan. Japanese kids relish the same violent entertainment as Americans, and abortion is widely available. Yet at most nine Japanese were murdered with guns across the entire country in all of 2016 — fewer than the 10 killed just last week at the Texas high school.

So blame the NRA, right?


Kyle Kashuv took Nick and his silly gun-grabbing piece apart by debating his ’10 Modest Steps to Cut Gun Violence’ point-by-point, and it’s pretty damn epic.

Quite bad.

He’s such a good kid. This editor would refer to this piece as ‘crap’ … but then again, this editor wasn’t exactly tops in her class either.


Get ’em, Kyle.


Dana Loesch has stated this time and time again, women need to learn how to use a firearm and carry one.

There is no greater ‘equalizer’ than a firearm.

Maybe Nick should have done a little more homework before he wrote his piece?

Nope. No evidence at all.

But that doesn’t stop people like Shannon Watts from pretending otherwise.

Guess you could say Nick just got SCHOOLED.


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