Many people have questioned why the Leftist Messiah Obama did not pardon Jack Johnson, mainly because they can’t accept that Trump did the right thing here. In fact, the Left was quick to call this a ruse, a PR stunt, and to insist that Trump was being disingenuous … some went so far as to accuse him of only caring about ‘dead black people.’

No, we’re not making this up.

But none were quite as pathetic as Joy Reid and her weak defense of Obama’s FAILURE to do the right thing.


It’s driving Joy CRAZY that Trump did what Obama should have done.

And really Joy? Obama deeply believed in America’s institutions? Is that why he weaponized agencies against his ‘political foes’? Used a pen and a phone to pass legislation?

Tell us another one.

Perhaps Joy’s hacker got ahold of her Twitter account?


Everything is Trump’s fault.



It seems Joy may have missed the very reason Trump got elected … he IS the opposite of Obama.

And that’s not necessarily always a bad thing.


Tough crowd.


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