Brian Stelter trying to discredit ANYONE whether they’re a blogger or reporter is perhaps one of the funniest things we’ve seen on Twitter in a long while.

And by funny we mean pathetic and sad, not the ‘ha ha’ type.

Dude. Brian. You work for CNN.

Obama does owe the public an explanation as to what he knew about the spying on Trump’s campaign.

Imagine if W. had done this? Brian would be shaking his little fist and demanding answers YESTERDAY.

Then he tried to address ‘those on the right’ who believe the Deep State was working toward hurting Trump, guess how THIS went.


Awww yes! It’s all a PLOT by Trump allies to frame Deep State for spying on Trump to combat the Mueller probe.

Anyone else feeling their BS detectors going off like crazy?


From Brian?

That is hilarious.

Ooh ooh, we have a guess.



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