You know, these Obama administration types are really their own worst enemies. Like John Brennan losing his mind over a tweet where Trump wrote about demanding an investigation into whether or not the Obama admin spied on the Trump campaign during the election. His hissy fit at GOP leadership gives the perception of his being guilty, even if he’s not.

Basically what Sean Davis said (and said better than we ever could):

What, Sean doesn’t buy that Obama spied on Trump for his own good?


Remember what we said up there about people being their own worst enemy?

Spinning these ‘lies’ is real damage.

Silly us, we’d think a sitting president spying on a presidential candidate perhaps in an attempt to influence an election would do real damage but we can’t all be a ‘former CIA Clandestine Service’ member, now can we.

Funny how these folks seem to think they’re above the law.

And they wonder why Trump won.

He probably hasn’t seen them admitting if they did spy it was to protect Trump.

Or something.

‘We DIDN’T do it but if we DID then it was for Trump’s own good, but we didn’t do it so we did.’

Or something.

What a stupid time to be alive.


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