A few years back, Obama and his team bragged about how social media played a huge part in their campaign and the Left had a political-boner over their forward-thinking innovation.

Now they’re complaining about the way Trump tweets

And sure, there are moments when even WE are like, ‘Dude, put the Twitter down,’ but to try and come down on Nikki Haley for her tweets?


The juxtaposition of silly and serious has produced eye-rolling among U.N. diplomats. But analysts and former U.S. officials say Haley’s Twitter account — which she has used for nearly a decade — is indicative of another problem: Some U.S. diplomats are flouting State Department rules barring the use of personal social media accounts to make official statements.

Those rules were devised in part so that the State Department, and not any individual, reaps the long-term benefits of an enhanced social media following. That may seem quaint given that all U.S. diplomats report to a president who still uses his personal Twitter account.

Oh, since when do we care what U.N. diplomats think of our elected officials or their Twitter accounts?

Get a life, POLITICO.

Sounds like they’re a little worried about Nikki’s popularity …

What it likely boils down to is the DEMOCRATS want to be the first party to elect a woman as president, and Nikki is a serious threat. She is smart, well-spoken, fearless, and a Republican which spells trouble for our progressive buddies who think they own women.

Ok for me but not for thee is their mantra.


All things considered, she really doesn’t. But POLITICO knows their readers won’t bother to check her timeline and instead will run off screaming into the social media world that Nikki Haley should be FIRED or INVESTIGATED because she’s a Twitter troll.

Their schtick really is old and predictable.


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