What a stupid time to be alive.

No seriously.

That there are people like Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti that the media takes seriously simply because they are dunking on Trump is a sad reflection of where we are as a society.

The latest bunch of BS started here:

Ok, so now we want to know what they talked about.

But Stormy got a little defensive about the tweet (we’re not sure why?):

If there was no conversation and nothing to worry about why would Stormy get so bent out of shape over his tweet?

Now we REALLY want to know.

That being said, Michael Avenatti aka the porn lawyer seemed to take issue with this back and forth between Richard and Stormy.

Huh. While many Conservatives are getting suspended for using certain words (pansy?), this guy can openly call for his thousands and thousands of followers to attack someone and Twitter does nothing.

Tell us more about how you’re trying to be fair and consistent, Jack.

Exactly. All Richard said was he couldn’t wait to talk about the conversation they had and both Stormy and Michael lost their shiznit.

He has so far.

Meanwhile, Conservatives are being suspended for defending their friends from gross attacks.

Fair and consistent our foot.

What say you, Jack?


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