Obama might want to read through Kimberly Strassel’s thread on the so-called ‘Hurricane Crossfire’ piece released by the New York Times, since you know, he gets his news from reading the paper … or in this case it would be Twitter.

Strassel lays it out PERFECTLY (even Obama would understand it):

Yup, it is BAD.

They admit they spied on the Trump campaign.



But Russia?

So much leaking, so little time.


Wait for it …


Nobody knew nothin’!

Awww that’s adorable, Josh trying to discredit Strassel because she’s an ‘opinion columnist.’


This thread didn’t read like an opinion column but hey, whatever helps Josh sleep better at night.

Yup, like Obama they all seem to be made of Teflon, nothing sticks to them.

And so very damning to the Obama admin.


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