All the Left had to do was not be awful and crazy after Trump was elected and they would have done well in the midterms. Historically when one party takes the Executive Branch there is often an overhaul in the Legislative where the other party takes a majority, and considering how unpopular Trump was even with his own party, this should have been fairly easy for the Left.

But they can’t stop themselves from being awful or crazy.

Case in point.

We get it, this cockroach doesn’t like Trump, but to attack Melania after she’s just had surgery in this manner?

Obvious troll is obvious.

And look at his pretty blue check.

One too many.

He also has his phone number in his bio so people can call him if they don’t like his tweets.

Sad indeed.


Typical Leftist male attacking a Conservative woman.

Oh, and of course other charmers on the thread are pretty vile as well:

This guy is a writer for hire … not sure we’d comment on such things if we wanted a job but hey, what do we know.

Stay classy.

Right?! Because it’s hilarious to make gross jokes about the FLOTUS dying.

Soulless toolbags.

At this rate, Trump will be president forever.


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