Oh dear, United Nations human rights officials said Israel shouldn’t have used lethal force defending its border yesterday when ‘Palestinian demonstrators’ showed up with weapons to ‘protest.’ Because you know, protesters always lob firebombs at their demonstrations.

Whatever will Israel do if the UN isn’t happy with them?

From the New York Times:

United Nations human rights officials said on Tuesday that Israel’s use of lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators was unjustified and called for an independent investigation into what could be grave breaches of international law.

“We condemn the appalling deadly violence in Gaza yesterday,” Rupert Colville, the spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, told reporters. “We are extremely worried about what may happen later today,” he said. “We urge maximum restraint. Enough is enough.”

Enough is enough.

We agree. Enough is enough, UN.

Apparently, Israel should have just sat back and allowed the Palestinians to attack them because anyone with half a brain in their head can tell this was more than just a protest. Protesters carry posters with glitter glue on them, not Molotov cocktails.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who sits on this little UN human rights council:

Alrighty then.

Because Afghanistan is a leader when it comes to human rights and surely one of the first countries that come to mind when fighting to protect their people is Venezuela.

C’mon, Hamas was only joking … Israel was mean and stuff!

We’ve been laughing at the UN for years, but this might well be the cherry on top of this sundae of stupid.

Maybe they’ll print out Israel’s flag on a piece of paper and set it on fire?

Hey, it could happen.


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