Maybe Michelle Wolf missed it, but if you want people to watch your new show you don’t tell them how much they’ll hate it.

We know, these young kids think it’s always opposite day or something but no, this doesn’t inspire most normal Americans to watch a program, promising it will suck more than a sucky standup routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Yeah, no.

From Decider:

The Break with Michelle Wolf … a half-hour variety/sketch series that premieres May 27th, the weekly topical show will be a blend of sketch and live comedy that also features in-studio guests. Wolf had one simple message for viewers wondering if they should tune in:

“If you hated the correspondents’ dinner, you’re really gonna hate this show.”

Hey, at least she’s being honest?

Guess Netflix needs a new Chelsea Handler.

And we all know how that worked out for her.


Ooh, a good ‘your mom’ joke, gold star.

Yeah, us either.

Ouch, when you’ve lost people who don’t like Trump?

Way to go, Netflix. Sounds like another WINNER.



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