Kamala Harris tweets a lot of dumb stuff, but this is one for the ages.

‘An armed society is a polite society.’ – Heinlein

Just sayin’.

She’s running.

Of course it’s disturbing, she’s a Democrat.

Voter ID?! Monster!


What he said.

Paging Alyssa Milano.

You oppressors and your facts!


But she was just kidding and stuff.

This ain’t rocket science, Kamala.

Then again, if Democrats can’t pretend that people are giving big guns that go pew-pew-pew to killers on street corners across the country and they MUST BE STOPPED then they really don’t have much of an agenda to run on for the midterms. Bragging that you want to raise taxes when people are finally getting some tax relief and that you care more about the people coming to this country illegally than Americans probably won’t win a whole lot of votes …

But Democrats are gonna Democrat.


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