Warrior: (n) A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

Hrm, we think this definition is lacking when it comes to Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones and other vets who have made huge sacrifices in protecting our country and our people. Maybe if they added a dash of ‘kickass’ in there?

On that note, we came across this thread where Jones shares his story about ‘working his ass off’ to make good grades and had to share:

Two months after he lost both legs, one arm was blown up and the other was in a cast.

But he was still working hard.

We love this.

If you find yourself feeling whiny today about all of the stuff you need to get done we suggest reading this tweet again, and that goes for the editor writing this.

Jones was always productive, but we get what he means here.

This is amazing.

And did we mention amazing?

Serious amounts of jaw drop.


The moral of this story is far too many college students don’t really understand what it is they’re working for in the first place, and that life experience is seriously lacking for far too many.

Jones just nailed this, we need more people ‘working their asses off’ to make good grades and fewer people worshipping at the altar of Kardashian.


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