The Left hates the electoral college because it protects ‘flyover states’ from the coasts. You can bet your sweet bippy that if the EC benefitted larger, urban areas and would limit middle America’s ability to have a say in how this country is run they’d be shouting from the highest mountain that they love it.

But since it protects the minority from mob rule, the mob aka the Left, they HATE IT.

He deleted it. Whatever could it have been …


We can see why he deleted this hot mess.

It’s not fair that all Americans have a say in running this country, WAAAAAAAH.


Pretty basic civics right here.

Uh-oh, he sent a WaPo article. He means business!



Yeah, we’ll take Madison over WaPo, call us crazy.

Dude, give it up.


This is getting long … sheesh these guys are mouthy.


It’s not.

Which is why Lefties like Thor want to do away with it, they can’t always win when it’s fair.

And his argument implies a voter in California is more important than a voter in Wyoming because of their population, and it’s just not so.

What he said.

Editor’s note: These two gents came to an amicable enough conclusion to agree to disagree.


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