If we handed out an award for the least self-aware person on Twitter it would clearly go to Ben Rhodes or Jon Favreau BUT a close runner up would have to be Piers Morgan. He has been railing on Americans for days now about our MASSIVE guns and wouldn’t even take the hint that he should worry about his own country after Ben Shapiro decimated him.

He had to know he was setting himself up for a serious smackdown here though:




Lots and lots of boom.

Crazy amounts of boom.

Sarah Rumpf seriously just dropped Piers … we felt that way over here in fact. It will likely leave a mark.

On that note, we so loved her tweet.

See, BOOM.

Perhaps Piers will finally figure out that this is just one of many reasons Americans ‘revolted’ in the first place. Then again, maybe that’s why he’s so fussy about issues in America, he’s still angry that we beat them so badly.

With a bunch of muskets.


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