Get the safety pins out, Jesse Kelly’s tweet about an amicable divorce for the nation likely triggered at least a few temper-tantrums from the Left and any and all Conservative nannies out there who think they own Conservatism.

*wink wink nudge nudge*

But this thread was just too hilarious not share.

We’re not sure if we should take Jesse seriously on this or not but we don’t hate his idea.

Let one part of the country live as serfs while the rest of us continue living as free Americans.

Sounds like a win-win.

Wait, WTH Jesse?! What about Virginia?! And Montana? No no no, you can’t leave those states in Progressive-ville.

And Idaho! North Dakota can go though … JUST KIDDING.


He’s a hater.


Oh, and there’s this too:


Heads just exploded over there on that side of Twitter.

But true story, that side of Twitter is a silly place, so meh.

We like how she thinks!

Virginia. Right?!

California wants to secede, yes?

More power to them.

Let’s do this!


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