Brit Hume must be psychic.

That or he’s been around a long time and knows that basically ANYTHING Trump or any Republican does will cause the Left to lose their minds and run off into the woods screaming like banshees with PMS.

Or caterwauling, as Brit called it:

Yup, they have a serious case of lost marbles over Bolton, which is just silly.

The man has been a diplomat for longer than most of these whiners have been alive.

But they’re so desperate to paint him as some Putin puppet who has only ever worked with Fox News that it’s nearly impossible to get them to calm down and listen.

Like most things.

Hey, don’t take our word for it:

Oh boy.

Bolton. An extremist.


Pretty sure Jack missed the irony of his own tweet here.


Sheesh! These people really must learn to control their emotions, they will be their undoing.


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