Drudge Report put out a poll asking yes or no, if people think Trump should fire Mueller.

And the shiznit totally hit the fan.

Ugh, we’re going to need more coffee before we read the entire trend around the Drudge poll, but let us just preface this piece by saying this editor does NOT think Trump should fire Mueller (it would only make him look guilty and give the Left something else to bitch about endlessly) but that doesn’t mean she’s not completely entertained watching the Left lose their marbles over a poll that means well … nothing.

So far, with nearly 300k votes in, it seems people think that yes, President Trump should fire Mueller.

And of course, the guy who has 99.999999% of Conservative Twitter blocked, William LeGate, is trying to turn the vote around.

Well, he was last night and so far we’re not seeing much of an impact.


What’s sadder is that the Left is upset enough over a poll on Drudge to throw a hissy fit on Twitter and draw attention to it.

Drudge says thanks.

Democrats, they’re so easy.

Touchy touchy. It’s just an online poll, man.

Well, it doesn’t have to be if Democrats go vote in it.


Sorry, they’re just so melodramatic.

It’s. Just. An. Online. Poll.


Wonder if she sees the irony of her being this enraged over an online poll that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t mean a whole lot.

But hey, let them resist, they need a hobby.


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