Earlier this week, WaPo released a ridiculous piece supporting and even backing up Hillary’s crap points she made while over in India about how it was the fault of white women voting as their husbands told them that cost her the election.

Ugh, she really is just a gross and horrible person, isn’t she?

And speaking of gross and horrible here’s the original tweet and story:

From WaPo:

Oregon State University assistant professor Kelsy Kretschmer co-wrote a study examining women’s voting patterns. “We know white men are more conservative, so when you’re married to a white man you get a lot more pressure to vote consistent with that ideology,” she told the Guardian last year.

In the study published in Political Research Quarterly, Kretschmer and her co-authors wrote:

“Women consistently earn less money and hold less power, which fosters women’s economic dependency on men. Thus, it is within married women’s interests to support policies and politicians who protect their husbands and improve their status.”

This and other studies also show that other factors influence why white women vote for conservative politicians. White women are much more likely to be married than women of other demographic groups. And married women are more likely to support traditional values, both culturally and economically.

Umm, this editor is going to call BS all over this article.

Record numbers of BS in fact.

And Brad Thor agrees:

Wait, you mean it’s not some racist, sexist conspiracy?

Get outta here.

This editor’s house is similar.

But how can this be?! Studies suggest otherwise! Science! Eleventy!

True story.

Their ‘study group’ probably was composed of a bunch of people at Starbucks.

What she said.


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