Kyle Kashuv has been quite busy on social media sharing his ideas on real solutions that could help with gun violence in this country, even as legislation he has supported passes the House. Kashuv’s main push has been working with both sides of the aisle in a bipartisan effort that doesn’t punish millions of law-abiding gun owners who had nothing to do with the tragedy at his high school.

He’s more mature than most Democrats in the Senate, but we digress.

After the footage came out yesterday showing how the deputy didn’t run towards the school, we’re not surprised Kashuv shared this tweet today. We are surprised (we know, we shouldn’t be, but we are) about the level of trolling he receives from tolerant gun-grabbers who keep telling us we shouldn’t call these kids out.

Guess they only mean kids they agree with should be protected?

Oh, and if you want to see how a real coward ‘trolls’ a kid on Twitter take a look at this:

So not only did he troll Kashuv openly but then he messaged him …

Creepy DM is creepy.


We don’t know how he does it, day in and day out. Being in the thick of an argument like gun control on social media is hard on an adult, it must be exhausting for Kyle as well, and yet he continues to fight the good fight.

It’s only going to get more impressive as the day goes on.

Unless he deletes the tweet which a lot of Internet tough guys do when a little light is shone their way.

Or protects his tweets.

Tough guy.


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