Whatever your opinion is on the Republican House Intelligence Committee finding no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, think we can all agree that the LAST person who should act holier than thou about any sort of ‘coverup’ in government is Eric ‘Held in Contempt’ Holder.

Seriously, this man is maddening.


Holder made a career out of putting politics over the truth and is himself a stain on the office he held, so he can drink a giant, cold, refreshing glass of STFU juice and slink back off to his little hole with Obama now, thanks.

Katie NAILED it.

If anyone can recognize a coverup it’s an Obama lackey like Holder.

He was indeed.

And an embarrassment.

Would it be too much to call him an ass-nugget? Asking for a friend.

After we were done rolling our eyes (which took about five minutes) we laughed out loud as well. Not that this is funny in any way but the NERVE of this guy is absolutely laughable.

Well, we all know who he learned it from …

Something like that.



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