Nikki Haley dropped the hammer on the United Nations Security Council over the failed Syrian truce, specifically on Russia for lying about their ability to work with Assad to influence a ceasefire in Syria.


The woman is FEARLESS.

Per Fox News:

‘If we can’t count on the members of the Council to honor their agreements we can’t accomplish anything. And if we can’t act when children are dying, we have no business being here. If we can’t save families that haven’t seen sunlight for weeks because they’ve been hiding … then the Security Council is as impotent as its critics claim it is.’

We like how they kept showing the official from Saudi Arabia who wouldn’t look up at her. And in listening to this, there is no doubt that she and in the bigger picture, America, absolutely means business when it comes to protecting Syria, and that we will act alone if need be.

Wouldn’t hold our breath on that happening anytime soon.

Haley took no prisoners and quite methodically reminded everyone in the room who the real Super Power is.

Can you say boom?


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