Earlier this week, Twitter ‘celebrated’ International Women’s Day, and as Twitchy reported, S.E. Cupp was less than impressed with the messaging behind the holiday and the behavior of some (most) women on the tag.

In other words, women stop being unkind to each other.

Pretty basic, simple message, yes?

Seems ‘Mark’ from Canada took issue with Cupp’s tweet though and wanted to use it as a means to shame women who voted for Trump:


53% of ‘white women’ voted for Trump because Hillary is basically Satan in cheap lipstick and bad pantsuits.


Why did the first woman candidate from one of the two major parties have to be an evil hyena? Remember how proud Hillary was to call herself a nasty woman?

Women (of all colors) don’t need to vote based on sex or color, they need to vote based on ideas, issues, and policy, just like men.

Pushing the idea that women must vote for a female candidate is sexist, period the end.



It’s not difficult.

They’re still whining about it and she lost nearly two years ago.

Maybe they’ll run her again! That would be AWESOME. Ha!


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