On International Women’s Day, progressives championed all women around the world … well, except pro-life women, pro-gun women, pro-Trump women, etc. Maybe it would be better if they just named the day #OnlyLeftistWomenMatter or something along those lines.

Hey, at least then it would be honest.

S.E. Cupp summed it up perfectly:

We love how she reminds WOMEN to stop being so unkind to other women. Far too often, feminism pretends that it is the patriarchy that is holding them back, but really in most cases it’s either themselves or another woman. Women can be SO mean to one another.

Look at how Chelsea Handler treats Sarah Sanders.


We can dig it.

D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwww … ok, so this editor is a  mom and totally marked out over this one.

Wait? We thought it was #VulcanDay.

True story.


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