Would someone PLEASE tell these entertainment types that the Russia narrative is old, broke and tired? We get it, they don’t like Trump but isn’t it about time to start complaining about the things he may have actually done (or be doing)? It’s like a boring, broken record stuck on stupid.

Take the executive producer of the show, ‘Big Bang Theory,’ for example:

Imagine a world where producers just worried about producing their shows.

Just because he produces a show about geniuses doesn’t make him an expert on anything, especially not basic civics.

He seems well-versed in Russian conspiracy theories though.

This guy’s tinfoil is on way too tight.



Remember when George Washington told everyone to get on Twitter and bitch about Trump and Russia? Good times.

We recommended a place called the ‘White Rabbit,’ but he didn’t seem interested.

Oh boy.

Dude is fixated on the NSA.

See what we mean?


Maybe stick with writing comedy, Bill.

Good talk.


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