Stephen King, the guy who wrote a book about a high school shooting called ‘Rage’ decades before Columbine, wants to lecture law-abiding Americans about guns. And since he can’t count on the president or Congress to strip us of our rights, he’s appealing to his friendly neighborhood gun-grabbers to help vote NRA sweethearts out in November.


Doesn’t he know that’s a sexist and oppressive descriptor?

Sure you can, Stephen,

Just like you guys won in 2016.

Oh, wait.

So are we!


Well in THAT case … Stephen is DEFINITELY wrong.

Maybe our ‘friends’ in the UK should worry about their own madness? Just sayin’.

Oh yeah, the Dark Tower series.


Ooh ooh, we know!

Not a damn thing.

Hey now, we’re not ready to talk about real solutions. No no, Stephen is busy virtue signaling.

On that note, his political tweets are far scarier than any book he’s ever written.

True story.


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