Twitter stands with women all around the world.

Right, sure they do.

Just not women who are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump or who have Conservative values in general. They’d be better off being honest and saying they stand with women whose ideas and principles they agree with, otherwise, they tend to lock and suspend them.

This editor is speaking from experience … ahem.

But they came up with a cute hashtag because that’s what Twitter does, #HereWeAre.

To bring women front and center they AGREE WITH.

Fixed it for them.


The jackass who has been posting disgustingly sexist tweets about Dana Loesch for days is still not suspended or locked and his tweets are still there so it’s hard for us to take Twitter seriously when they claim they stand with women.

Another woman who was suspended, for what we’re not sure.


Then again, some progressive women called Twitter out as well.



Tough crowd, Twitter.


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